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Taxis Cork

ABC Cabs Clonakilty is a taxi service in Clonakilty. We provide the best rates for Taxis in Cork. Our licensed Taxi drivers are very professional and always ensure that they are on time.

At ABC Cabs Clonakilty there is no journey too long or short for us to take you. Whether you want a transfer at 1 Pm in the day or 1 Am in the morning, you will always have one of ABC Cabs Clonakilty Taxis in Cork to collect you and get you to your destination.

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To book one of our taxis in Cork, give us a call today!


[cABC Cabs Clonakilty ompany name] provide you with an excellent door-to-door Taxi service in Cork. Whether you are in need of an airport transfer, transfer to your next social outing or transfer for your next business run, ABC Cabs Clonakilty  has got you covered!

We can provide you with as many 4-seater or 6-seater cabs as you need to get you or your group to your destination of choice.

HOW CAN ABC Cabs Clonakilty HELP YOU?

ABC Cabs Clonakilty drivers can be beneficial to their clients as they provide excellent knowledge of the local area and what Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, and other facilities are in the area.

This provides our customers with real-life reviews without even lifting a finger.


One advantage of using ABC Cabs Clonakilty is that we provide you with door-to-door taxis in Cork. We can collect you from your accommodation and drive you to the destination of your choice, no matter how short or long the journey is.

Another advantage is that our vehicles are well maintained 5 and 6-seater vehicles allowing you to travel in style. Depending on how many people you are travelling with, whether it is just you or 12 of your friends, we can accommodate you by sending multiple cabs to your accommodation.


If you have any enquiries about taxis in Cork, give us a call today!


What are ABC Cabs fare rates like?

At ABC Cabs, we provide the best rates for your airport transfers, Social outings, or Business runs. The price of each journey will vary depending on how far your destination is.

What is the best way to get in contact with ABC Cabs about a booking?

For any booking queries you may have, call us today at +353 86 1754777.

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